Build Customer Loyalty and Grow your Business with Personalized Authentic Written Letters

The Personal Touch for a Flourishing Business Building and growing a successful business is all about making your customers happy by amazing them with excellent customer care. That’s why we help you show your customers that you care about them and about the way your product or service makes them feel. Our personalized fountain-pen written letters, with beautiful authentic lettering and elegant traditional paper, will surprise your customers and make them feel like they really matter to you. That’s how your customer retention rates can literally go through the roof, turning into something that’s far more valuable than business metrics: customer happiness that generates audience-enhancing word-of-mouth, boosting your profits by putting smiles on your customers’ faces.

In a fast-paced world where people no longer feel surprised by endless and soulless automated app or e-mail message, TypeLetters allows you to actually amaze your customers – in a meaningful way that will seriously add to your bottom line. That’s the kind of lasting impression that you can make, sending affordable under-$5 thoughtful letters that generate multiplying returns.
How It Works
How it works

Select a style you likeSend anytime and anywhere you want. Once you've registered and bought note credits, quickly send a note from your dashboard by selecting your preferred style.

How it works

You type it. We write it.You probably wouldn't have guessed it was that easy. Rest assured all of our notes are carefully inspected after it's written.

How it works

Sit back and relax.We'll ensure it's mailed within 3 working days. Be ready to reap the benefits of happy customers and increased referrals.

Pricing Enjoy more free time by knowing Typeletters will handle it. We offer a variety of note packages to get you started. All of these note packages include our basic note - a 6" x 4" card placed in a horizontal kraft envelope with up to 50 words per note. If you're looking for orders larger than 1000 or include additional items, e-mail us at for custom pricing.
S$5 per note
S$4.50 per note
S$4 per note
Testimonials Clients that use our service
  • Customer Testimonials

    We approached Typeletters to collaborate during Valentines Day as we wanted give our drivers and passengers a discount on the day itself. Typeletters provided us with Valentine's Day cards. We have received nothing but compliments from our users we gave it out to.

    Hyu Lim Founder, Swiftback
  • Customer Testimonials

    Typeletters help me connect with clients on a newer level during their special days (eg, birthdays, anniversaries & new years). Typeletters reduces my time spent on miscellaneous things so I can focus more on potential prospects.

    Andre Tan Insurance Agent
  • Customer Testimonials

    I love what Typeletters embodies - the perfect combination of heart and form into a lovingly crafted letter, one you'd be sure to keep for life. In this day and age where technology has replaced papers, Typeletters proves that there is still so much charm in a physical canvas left to be uncovered.

    Kate Low Founder, Perk by Kate
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FAQs We have answered a wide range of questions for your convenience

Q. When can I use this service?

Aside from scheduled downtimes for website maintenance, Typeletters is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Q. What's the quality control to ensure good handwriting, spelling, grammar, etc?

Our notes and envelopes are cross examined by 2-3 sets of eyes. We can also send pictures of every note for approval if desired.

Q. So how does this work - will I send you an email for each note?

We know that time equals money so we want to make things as painless and seamless as possible. Using our simple dashboard, you'll be able to buy cards and send notes within minutes. For a completely custom solution, you can send us a CSV or excel file and we'll take care of the rest!

Q. Isn't that kind of expensive?

All of our cards include the stationery, handwriting services, and postage. All for under the cost of a Hallmark card! The more notes you purchase at a time, the lower the price per card.

Q. Is this just for within the Singapore?

We're currently only limited to Singapore. However, if you are based overseas do email us for an inquiry.

Q. Is there a limit on the amount of words included in each note?

Up to 50 words can be written in each note. If your note is longer, we're happy to provide a custom quote.

Q. When will my letter be mailed?

Letters are posted the next business day. Letters submitted on Friday-Sunday will be mailed on the following Monday.

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